Jesus said, “I am making all things new!” (Rev. 21:5) Shawnee Pres desires to bring the renewing power of the gospel of Jesus Christ to Shawnee without abandoning the culture or becoming lost in it. We want to be a church that is for Shawnee and not for ourselves. We believe that Jesus can change any person and any place. Therefore, our leading question is not “what kind of church can we be?” but rather “what kind of community can this be?” We long to see the city of Shawnee transformed by the power and beauty of the presence of Christ.

Our purpose is to see the beauty and glory of Christ―who is the visible presence of the transcendent God―made known in our community. We want the saving power and transforming love of God to be made real in every aspect of our lives, our families, our neighborhoods, our college campuses, our city and our world. We want to proclaim the grace and truth of Jesus where we live, work, learn and play, knowing that this has the power to transform and renew everything around us.