Rev. Matt Wiley

Matt Wiley serves as the church planting pastor for Shawnee Pres. Matt and his wife Amy were raised in Oklahoma, met at Oklahoma State University and were married in 1998. They have four children, Gabe, Eli, Grace and Lydia. Matt graduated from Redeemer Theological Seminary with a Masters of Divinity in 2016. Matt served as a pastoral intern at Rockwall Pres during seminary and as an assistant pastor at City Pres in Oklahoma City.


Worship Directors

Justin and Ashley Pierce serve as the worship directors for Shawnee Pres. Justin is Assistant Professor of Music at Oklahoma Baptist University and is ABD (all but dissertation) in the Doctor of Musical Arts degree program at the University of North Texas. Ashley holds a bachelor’s degree in vocal performance, and has directed choirs in Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma. After meeting in college marching band, the two married in 2007 and have three children: Justin Jr., Levi, and Madeline.


Nursery Director

After graduating from college in her hometown of Memphis with a degree in Education, Amy immediately moved to West Africa with her husband Jonathan. They spent two years teaching at an international school before moving back to the states to snowy South Bend, Indiana where Jonathan began to work on his PhD at Notre Dame. When Jonathan finished his PhD, they moved to Shawnee, Oklahoma to work at Oklahoma Baptist University. Amy keeps very busy with her five kids, Evangeline, Juliet, and identical triplets James, Joel, and Liam.